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04:14pm 22/03/2009
  I started a minibusiness and I already have customers! =)

Buying used games.. will beat gamestop prices.

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at work   
07:45pm 05/03/2009
  Sitting here on break. Had to work 11-2 and 4-11 today. Almost done but god its boring. Thank you post 1st monday. Boy you've made this day easier.

Who uses this anymore?
Leave a comment, lemme know you're out there!

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blogging on my phone   
07:58pm 28/02/2009
  Just testing to see if this works or not. Got the tmobile g1. Its pretty sweet. =)  

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10:16am 14/05/2008

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Woo!! I'm bloggin'!!!   
11:47am 13/04/2007
  Hey, guys!! Long time no blog, eh?
Oh my gosh, so much has happened that I don't really feel like explaining.
To sum things up,

My counsin died
Katelyn and I split up
I quit my job
I almost got into an accident
It's my freakin' birthday today
Life has turned from awesome to "what the heck is going on"
I've finally come out of my shell
I'm no longer putting on an act for you all.

So let's put it this way.

I'm Joshua Grayson. I am 19 as of today and I, my friends, love God.
Bet you all didn't see that coming!! Woo!!!!
Yes guys, I went from being a very strong athiest/agnostic to a Christian.
And I'm not ashamed to admit it!

I think I might post here more often, can't quite say for sure yet, ya know?

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Grand Theft Mario   
03:17am 10/11/2006
OH my Flippin' Geezz!!! Robot Chicken is fuckin' amazing. Check this Mario joke out!!

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03:51pm 14/09/2006
  What's going on?
Been a while since I've updated.
I haven't posted since I got back from Silver Lake.
That was a while back.

One more week until I get my license!! WOOT!
I'm excited. Can't wait til I can drive whereever.
Walking takes forever...
Hopefully Josh can get me a job at GameStop.
((Thanks for the effort, bro!))

Tonight, I'm going to Katelyn's swim meet.
People are coming over for some Smash.
It'll be fun, I suppose.

Life has been.. fair lately.
Nothing too exciting.
The shop still didn't get their internet back.
They expect it tonight or something within the week.

I'm thinking about helping out there again..
Though they paid me little..
The little was still something.
More than what I'm making now.
and I basically get to do the same thing I would at home.

If I get a job there we can do smash tourneys again =P
But of course, it'll have to work around school and GameStop.
((if I get a job at GS))

I've got class in a bit, so I'm cutting this post short.

I LOVE YOU KATELYN!!!!! (always will, too!)

-=JoShUa LeE GrAySoN=-

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11:09am 19/08/2006
  Hey guys,
I'm finally home as of last night.
We left Silver Lake at 3 (it's a 3 hour drive)
But I didn't get home until 7:30.
Traffic was being lame.

It was an.. amusing vacation.
They took some interesting pics that I'll post when I get em.

Pretty much all I did was --

Swim in Lake Michigan
Decline swimming in Silver Lake (no waves and icky water.. screw dat!)
Get sun burn on shoulders
Watch Date Movie, the Interpretor, Skeleton Key, Two for the Money and Land of the Dead(twice).
Go Karts
Fish feeding
Two Mile hike to a light house
Climb said light house
Find out that I do have a mild fear of hieghts
Two mile hike back to vehicle
Paddle boating -.-;; (most tiring and boring thing ever)
Few games of Solitaire, Poker, Blackjack and ERS here and there.
Scrabble, Soduku.. other lame things.
Wish we had Monopoly there.. xD
Dog walking
Random trips to towns

There wasn't much else of signifigance.
It was an alright vacation.
I don't feel like I deserved one..
and it wasn't really what I needed.
Since Grandpa passed away..
I kinda wanted to stay home..
Make sure Grandma is okay.

When leaving I felt like I was leaving three things behind.

The shop.

I worry over Grandma
I missed Katelyn like crazy
and the shop is screwed without me.

I don't know if it's for sure or not..
But I think Ron said that the shop might die soon.
I'm considering withdrawing my temp-quit..

Anyways.. that's aboot all to say.

I came home.. made a few calls.
Went out to find Katelyn.
She got home..
Realized I was out looking for her..
We eventually found each other.
And I couldn't be happier =)

I love you, Katelyn.
I always will.

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12:51pm 05/08/2006
  I just figured I would let you guys know that my Grandfather finally passed away this morning...  

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05:22pm 28/07/2006
  I could have sworn I made a post last night while at work.
Oh well, not matter.

Since today is friday, I'm going to get this out of the way

Lock-in Tonight!!
Tonight, midnight til 10 a.m.
$15 entrance fee
((can be negotiated..))
Battle Ground Games
It's on Van Dyke
It's located between
Stephen's and 9 mile.
Look for either
The Wine Depot ((or))
Golden Island Jewelry
Entrance in the rear
We're two doors away from both places

Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament included
$20 first place ((store credit))
$10 second place ((store credit))
$5 semi-finalists ((store credit))

Counter-Strike LAN

Other possible tournaments

It will be a good time as long as you enjoy
Playing Video games and/or Trading Card Games.

Now that I got the work related stuff out of the way
Sorry, need to whore the shop out.
But yeah.. I've pretty much been living life.
I can't complain much..
I don't see how my life could get any easier.
My school fees are $944 this semester.
My financial aide for this semester is $2,025.
I get 2 grand for just having a single mother..
who lives off disability.
I get that much next semester too.
After everything is taken out..
I'll have 1,081 left.
$400 for my books..
and $681 for my pocket..
Should cover my gas and such.
So I'm not really worried about money.
I get to live comfortably with my family..
I get into school for free..
I work an easy but low-pay job.
I should probably go out for a second job too..
I've got $100 just sitting in my wallet..
But I've been spending money..
Just a week ago I had like.. $140..
And I'm wasting it on nothing.
Just food.. that's all.
I'm enjoying myself..
I walk everywhere basically.
I play a lot of video games.
I am getting more into MTG.
I quit Yu-Gi-Oh.. I gave away all my cards.
Kept my Fire and Dark decks though.
Even thought they're really crappy.
Yu-Gi-Oh is too easy of a game..
I've got an easy win deck idea..
But I don't care enough to play that anymore =P

So yeah.. life is good.
Life is stress free on me..
So to get my stress, I like to help my friends.
If anybody needs to talk to somebody,
I'm willing to listen to you guys.
My friends are all important to me.
It makes me feel good to help out.

So yeah.. work life is good,
School life is good
friend list is good
and so is my love life =)

I really love Katelyn.
She's an amazing girl.
I'm sure quite a few of you have gotten some weird idea..
That I'm dating her for a challenge..
I've actually heard that one before..
They're all like "You just want to try to get into her pants"
And since she's a really strong Christian, that would be hard..
But I don't care..
I'm not really interested in sex.
I don't know if I've posted about it or not..
But thinking back..
All sex has done is destroy my relationships..
It really throws things onto a completely different level..
Emotions dramatically change..
And now I feel that it is best saved for marriage..
I can't promise Katelyn my virginity..
Since it's already been taken..
And I feel unworthy of hers..
But I plan to marry this girl..
and I plan to let her keep her virginity until that day..
I choose to commit myself to this girl..
I love her with all my heart ^_^
I know that we can make this all work..
She's perfect for me.

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03:43pm 25/07/2006
  Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament!
$5 entrance fee
Battle Ground Games
Van Dyke between 9 mile and Stephens
Look for the Wine Depot or Golden Island Jewelry
Two doors down from them


1st place 50% of pot
2nd place 25% of pot


Tournament participants get 10% off all items for the rest of the day
((does not stack on the 20% sale on Role Play books))


4 stock
Final Destination
DOUBLE Elimination
No items


6:00 PM Tuesday, July 25th

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02:06am 13/07/2006
  Lock in at my work!!!

Friday, 12 midnight until 10 a.m. saturday.

You may leave earlier if you need to.

The entrance fee is $15

During this lock-in will be a free SSBM tournament.

$20 store credit for first place
$10 sc for second
$5 sc for semi-finalists ((if there is at least 8 participants in the tournament))

The location:

Battle Ground Games
23540 Van Dyke Ave
Warren, MI 48089

(586) 427-3962


Also note that while you are there..
You have access to 10 computers.
These computers have games you may play
((normally at a cost, but during lock-in it's free))
These games include ((But are not limited to))
World of Warcraft
City of Heros
City of Villans
Counter Strike: Source
Call of Duty 2
Prince of Persia Warrior Within
Playboy The Mansion
Diablo 2
Empire Earth
Lord of the Rings Battle of Middle Earth

((and more))

There are also plenty of console games to play

Did I mention that the console games get played on a projector?! Wootz!!

It's going to be fun!!
Bring a friend!
The more the marrier!

if you have difficulties finding the shop..
Call the number and I'll probably be working..
So I'll give you instructions as to how to find the place.

Easiest way to find it is to look for the Wine Depot on Van Dyke.

We're two doors down from them.

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01:16pm 02/07/2006
  "Don't be suprised if he doesn't come home"  

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05:09am 01/07/2006
  I must say that I am very thankful for some inconviniences.
I'm glad that they don't offer us food at Bill's house.
Otherwise, I'd have probably stayed the night there again.
Which would not have been a good thing..
I'm glad that I managed to come home.
I got here at almost midnight.
I went to sleep a little after 1:00
And I was awoken at 3..

My Grandpa wasn't feeling good.
If I weren't here to help him out..
My Grandmother would have hurt herself.
Too ignorent to call an ambulence.
I'm glad that I could help out as much as I could.
When I think about what he's going through..
I think "Okay, well.. shit happens"
But when I see it...
I break out in tears.

I love my Grandparents.
Without them.. I don't think I'd be who I am today.
I don't know what my life would be like without my Grandmother..
She's always been so sweet to me..
Always there for me..
Praising me..
Cooking for me..
Giving me money when I need it..

My Grandfather has been there a lot for me too..
In my father's absence.. Grandpa was the closest thing to a Dad I ever had.
We never did have talks too often.
The only real talk we ever had was when they found out
I was sexually active.
But Grandpa has always been there for me..
Ever since I was young..
He'd be like my taxi driver =)
Unfortunately.. he's not capable of driving any more..

Right now he's in the hospital..
Probably for another week.
They're giving him a blood transfusion..
I'm sure he must have lost quite a few pints..
Every night I pray for this man..
He's fighting a tough battle..
I'm suprised he's still here..
And I think God he's still alive..
I can't imagine how life would be without him..

Then again.. I can't imagine my life without a lot of things..
I can't imagine what will happen when we have to put Buddy down..
I can't imagine what it would be like.. to not have any dogs at all..
I couldn't imagine my life without my friends..
My life without this computer..
My life without my Grandma..
I could imagine it without my Mom..
But she's here anyway and I have to deal with it.. =)

I'm very thankful for all that has been provided in my life..
I'm thankful for my identity..
for my family..
for my friends..
for my conviniences..
for my lifestyles..

There's a lot to be thankful for..
My life could be a lot worse..
and thankfully, it's not..

On a lighter note..
I proved to myself that I wasn't sick these past two days..
The details are kinda sick..
But for those who didn't know..
My voice has been different the past two days.
I went to sleep with a dry mouth..
Thought I woke up with a sore throat..
Well.. when the back of your throat is dry..
You're laying down.. and you snort through your nose..
You suck back some boogers.. and they stick..
I had a wad of boogers stuck to the back of my throat..

"I'm not sick, It's just too sick for me to hack it up!"

With a glass of orange juice.. yummy..
I could hock loogies all night..

My throat is clear, my voice is normal..

woot woot.

Sorry for wasting your time..
But I needed to write out my thoughts..
I need to go to sleep now..
I didn't sleep much the night before..

Goodnight everybody..
May you arise to a wonderful and productive day..


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02:56pm 12/06/2006
  I decided that I'm overdue for a post.
As much as none of you care.
I'm just another person on your friend list =P

So I'll just make things short.
Life is good.
Graduation was sweet.
Things are running fairly smooth.
Still not doing much productiveness with my life.
Still wasting away on video games.
Like right now, I'm using Eugene's account on Runescape
To do some fishing for my character.
Sell some raw sharks.. woot woot.

Anyways.. Been spending nearly every day with Katelyn.
Yay! .. Wait.. I remember that leading to unhappiness.
But things should be different.. right?
There's a big difference between Katelyn and Darlene
(No offense to Darlene or Kevin!!!)

Speaking of Kevin, we've still got to arrange a smash day.
I should dub a certain day out of the week a video game day.
For all the guys to come over..
Play some Smash..
Play some .. later to be discussed 1st person shooter
and Play some DDR if anybody's up for that..
((I love having two televisions))

Speaking of Love..

I love Katelyn Jean Hafner
Figured I'd get that out.

Anyways.. I'm done bullshitting.
Got to mow the lawn.
And either today or tomorrow
I've got to go to MCC
Turn in my forms, show them my diploma
Retake a portion of the Assessment test.
And then figure something out
While I wait for the fall sign-ups

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11:40pm 01/06/2006
  Life can sometimes be tough..
But death is more harsh..
Suicide disturbs me..
Nobody reads this anyway..
But I figured I'd get the word out somehow..
Jamie Lynn's Father is dead..
He shot himself in the head recently..
She'll been in the neighborehood either..
Tomorrow night.. or the day after..
I know some of you guys don't like her..
It ain't easy being her..
So please..
Even if you really fuckin' hate her..
Be kind..
I'm sure none of you would want somebody..
Treating you like shit..
After just having a kid..
Having your family tell you they hate you..
Having a bitch for a step-mother..
Having a younger brother who ignores you..
Because that bitch of a step-mother brain washed him..
and then having your father tell you that he hates you..
Telling you never to come back..
Even when he seemed so happy to see Aiden..
And then.. he goes and kills himself..
Things have been tough..
and the only person who's left for her..
is her older sister..
If she has any friends left in your guys..
Please show her some support..

Jamie, I love you.. We are friends.. we've been friends for six years..
I'm not going to bail on you now..
I'm there when you need somebody to talk to..
I'll be there if you need someone to cry to..
I'll be there because I'm your friend..
I'll be there because I care..
Whenever you're life is looking down..
Remember that it's still worth living..
Things can always get worse..
Strive for the better..
and turn to a friend..
I haven't been there for you a lot lately..
Now that you've moved away..
But if you ever need a talk..
You've always got my number..
I love you, Jamie..
I know your Father did too..

-=JoShUa LeE GrAySoN=-

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10:30pm 18/05/2006
  I feel like making a post..
Today -- I didn't do anything in school.
All I did was play Counter-Strike..
7th period.. I stared at the floor..
I sorta talked with Rachel..
But everything she said to me..
Just kinda went in one ear..
Out the other.. (sorry, Rache!)

I managed to remember her talking about Chris..
But anyways.. none of your business..
So yeah.. went to Katelyn's house..
Came home around 4:15ish.
Gene and Heather were here.
Heather was wearing Gene's glasses..
So I told her that she owed him for the time..
I sent them to my room by force..
I took out the super soaker..

Gene and I went to Hoover.
Got him a black..
Went to taco bell..
pulled the hair scam..
Came home..
Katelyn came over and hung out with us..
Nothing much went on..
SHe tried to play Smash..
But unfortunately.. she got owned.
Gene really sucks at the game..
I'd offer to teach him..
But he's Lingerfelt's team mate.
No lessons for Rivals.. =P
Best I'd do for him is let him fight my Fox..
See if he can improve off of that..
(No, he didn't really..)

Yeah .. in case you guys are curious..
My grandfather not only had a stroke..
But he had a heartattack at the same time..
It's quite overwhelming..
But he's a strong guy..
Maybe my Grandmum is in denial..
But she thinks he'll pull through..
Right now he can't speak..
Hardly.. he has to put a lot of thought into each word..
Poor man =\
I really hope she's right..

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10:23pm 17/05/2006

So today was busy...
Full of accomplishments..
and poor useage of time..
and the end result...

My Grandpa is back in the hospital..
Please... don't die, Grandpa...

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08:12am 17/05/2006
  So here comes an update..
.. okay, not much of an update -- more like just yesterday..

Right -- so yesterday I had a bunch of people over.
Eddie Czarniak, Jason Ghent, Alex Brozowski, Josh Lingerfelt and Eugene Brown..
All for the purpose of playing Super Smash Bros. Melee.
After seeing the trailer to Super Smash Bros. Brawl.. it seems so premative.
We managed though. Lingerfelt seems to have lost his edge..
I'm sure he'll sharpen up after playing with us some more.
He'll return to the pwnerer he once was.
Speaking of Smash.. Lingerfelt's parents are out this weekend..

This is kind of a call out to Kevin. Lol.
You up for some Smash this weekend? Lingerfelt is having a tournament.
Ask him for the details.. or leave a comment -- he reads em.. Lol

My day seemed so off though .. I didn't walk Katelyn home. xD
But I wasn't about to ditch out on my lil bro.. sorry, hun.

After playing smash yesterday, we got some Taco Bell..
Then for the hell of it we went to Oakland Mall...
Why? I don't know. I think we should have just went to Macomb.
Poor Alex was waiting at my house for TWO HOURS!!
I tried to call him though... =\
Sorry Alex!!!

Hah -- I found out like.. around 10 last night..
Today is a delayed start? Wootness.
So unfortunately -- I didn't have any plans set.
I woke up early just incase somebody wanted to do something.
... Looks like I could have enjoyed some extra sleep.. but oh well.
I've been having really... odd dreams.

Some random people just get thrown into my dreams.. it's crazed. Lol.
Anyways.. not getting into that. :-X

-=JoShUa LeE GrAySoN=-

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Look who's blogging!!   
07:53pm 11/05/2006
  Oh em gee!! That Josh Grayson kid made a post?!
Holy crap..

So yeah-- the last time I updated me mum was away?
Well -- a lot has happened since then.
a LOT!!

I don't even know where to begin..
My mother is doing fine now --
I don't hear much from her..
I'm usually not home.
My Grandfather needs a care taker.
We don't know if he'll get any better.
How unfortunate -- to me --
He's my Father..

I've basically been living my life --
Hanging out with people --
Sitting in front of my computer..
I'm trying to get into reading.
"Wizard's First Rule" -- 836 pages..
Wish me luck? It was a suggestion from Alex.
Hopefully it's not too much for me to handle
(that's what she said)

I'm becoming more involved with my friends lately.
I try to help them all out as much as I can.
I try to be there for everyone when they need somebody.

My GPA was last a 3.943.
I had one A- .. Quite unfortunate.
I'll never obtain a 4.0..
Of course.. I never imaged to make honor-roll.

Interesting -- I haven't made a post about the park.
Not much too say there ..
Been hanging with my old friends..
Brushing up with the newer ones..
and then -- I met somebody new.

"Here's a serve to the girl who's name I don't know"
What an ice breaker xD
I love hackysack!! Lolol!

AJ -- I love ye, bro. If not fer you..
We would not have met.

For I doth hearteth the Poe.
We've got this weird little ass slapping war going on.
Lol -- that's how most of it started.
Katelyn, you're one hell of a girl! <3

So anyways -- in other news.. been getting closer to my guy friends too.
I've taken Eugene in as a little brother now. Lol.
I still consider Leppek//Leon my best friend.
EON brothers xD (Leon&Sion)
I'm kind of losing touch with some of my other friends though.
Perhaps I need to put more effort into it..
Or maybe I should let it go -- hell.. once I graduate..
Only the close ones will hear from me any more.

This is getting to be a long and boring post..
But that's how those long awaited updates go..

::pushes up glasses:: See you around..

-=JoShUa LeE GrAySoN=-

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